Wooden wall set, handmade geometric art, wall panel, carved wooden wall decoration

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Our product is a beautiful wooden wall decoration, for the interior or exterior of home, to hang, or deposit it on the wall.

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It is a wall panel with handmade geometric design, Islamic European art, resembles the Mediterranean region .you will find this motif in Spain in The Alhambra (from the Arabic Al-Hamrâ – الحَمْراء) of Granada in Andalusia is a palace complex constituting one of the major monuments of Islamic architecture, and the same motifs are found on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea especially in Moroccan palaces and mosques.


Cedar wood:

The Atlas Cedar is native to North Africa. It is found in Morocco, in the Middle Atlas, the Rif and the Eastern High Atlas. Cedar wood is unalterable because it contains a high percentage of essential oils that no parasites, bacteria or mold can attack. It is the very symbol of incorruptibility and immortality, rot-proof to an exceptional lifespan.

size :

,39,5 x 16,5 pouce,  42 x 100 cm (x 2 pc).


It is a wall panel that you can use it if the dimensions and pattern is Proportional to your desire, and you can order the measurements that suits the space of your home, and we have the dozens of patterns that we can offer you.

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Dimensions 39,5 × 16,5 in


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